Women in Sustainability Envision Circle

Welcome to the Envision Circle community!

By being a part of an Envision Circle, you'll be enabled to set aside the space and time needed to reflect, and to connect authentically with other 'women in sustainability' who share your values.

None of us can create the impact and change we want to see in the world if we don't find a way to grow and nourish ourselves, cultivating our inner leadership and finding others to help us along the way. 

Together with your coach, and your peers, you'll get clear on your aspirations and what you truly want & need, leading to the creation of a clear sense of direction and inspired actions to take. 
“You can’t help deepening your personal insights, which enabled me to really identify my true self. I'm aligning my action to who I really am, which is so refreshing, empowering!”. Past Participant

Virtual Circles (6, coach-led 2 hour sessions, peer calls & workbook) - £125 per month for 4 months (Select Paypal/ Invoice options)
In-Person Circles (6, coach-led, 2 hour sessions, peer calls & workbook)  - £199 per month for 4 months (Select Paypal/ Invoice options)

"This has helped me structure my thoughts and articulate the main issues I’m looking to address; I am much more aware of my values, beliefs and aims, and can feel how there has been a powerful, underlying shift, putting me a far better place than I was before"
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